Los secretos de SantaMarta&Astorga

San I Love Dust

Esto es un estracto de los emails y conversaciones telefónicas que tuvimos con los miembros del estudio I love Dust de Londres durante las 3 semanas de abril que duró la producción de la campaña para Axel Hotels. Trabajar con ingleses siempre es especial. Ellos no fueron una excepción. … ILD: SantaWhat? SM: SantaMarta, Barcelona. … ILD: Thanks for the email, the project sounds cool what style etc are you looking for ? Do you have a layout? SM: Oh! No sorry. In fact, we presented the idea with a script… Yes, without a layout. Only by reading a text. ILD: But it´s a print ad…right? SM: yes, yes it is. ILD: Ah! But we need a rough. Can you do it? SM: Of course. … ILD: We really need slightly more specific colours, the colour of their clothes, hair colour etc… SM: Ok, we will send you a palette of colours. … ILD: Yep from here any further changes will incur additional costs. (SM: Joder con los addicional costs!!!) … ILD: Its all going off in here! We got some gay bubbles, robots walking around and cool city scape outside the window amongst other things SM: Yes this is what we wanted. By the way, good football Match!! (ese día había partido de Champions entre el Barça y el Arsenal) ILD: Here’s the latest artwork based on the recent feedback. We have included a few options for the sign off ”ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN” SM: We love it and the client too. Congratulations. … ILD: ha, ha yeah was pretty good game Barcelona teaching Arsenal a football lesson in the first half… amazing! SM: Hey guys, as Fernando Messi says, muchas gracias! ILD: Fernando Messi!! did you guys go to the game last night? SM: No, unfortunately we watched it at home. However, was quite impressive. ILD: messi is almost as good as wayne rooney now :P SM: Wayne What? hahaha ILD: Rooney ???? Messi??? (nos adjuntan una foto de ellos jugando a fútbol. La foto no tiene desperdicio.) SM: Wow guys…I think you are more than ready to play against The Axel Hotels team!!! I am going to arrange the game, in Camp Nou of course ILD: england v spain! world cup final 2010? SM: Brasil vs Spain I think it´s more realistic, don´t you think? ; ) Fernando Fabregas ILD: and things were going so well